DOJ Announces Reversal of Key Trump Order

DOJ Announces Reversal of Key Trump Order

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people, companies, and organizations to the edge. Many have responded in extreme ways to avoid the negative impacts of the virus. When COVID-19 first hit, prisons across America released inmates to prevent the virus from spreading through their system. What will become of all of those prisoners?

Under a policy that came toward the end of the former president’s term, all the inmates the prisons released would need to go back to traditional incarceration after the pandemic subsided. According to US Attorney General Merrick Garland, thousands of these inmates have reconnected with their families and communities. Garland continued that many have followed regulations and even found steady employment.

In light of these adjustments, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recently decided to change Trump’s policy.

The DOJ’s reversal will prevent thousands of prisoners currently under home confinement who have spent months at home from having to return to prison after the pandemic is over.

The current administration has been under pressure to amend the Trump policy for months. Citing a massive wave of returning prisoners, several criminal justice reform groups requested Biden to utilize his clemency powers to avoid overwhelming the prison system. Many of these groups hailed President Biden’s DOJ for implementing the reversal.

Is it a good idea to allow these prisoners to remain free, or should they have to serve the rest of their sentences in a traditional facility? Some people might argue that allowing them to be on home confinement is already letting them off easy.

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