DOJ Unveils New Plan to Make Prisons Child-Friendly

DOJ Unveils New Plan to Make Prisons Child-Friendly

( – Prisons and jails should be a place that people dread going to, hopefully motivating them to stay out of trouble. Yet, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently announced an enormous grant program that could make life for those behind bars a bit more comfortable and cushy.

On May 24, the DOJ began accepting grants for its $1.75-million “Child-friendly Family Visiting Spaces in Jails and Prisons Program.” The goal of the new program is to promote “positive family connections” within the correctional facilities. The money will go to “construction, renovation, or upgrades of child-friendly family visiting spaces in correctional facilities” as well as updating policies to promote these family-friendly times.

For many Americans who keep track of where their tax dollars go, this grant and its purpose was alarming to see:

Prisons are not a place for children, and they certainly aren’t a place that should ever be seen as fun. Yet, the DOJ is considering proposals that would help create “a camping kind of excursion” or even a “carnival setting.” As concerned citizens watch this grant to see just what the DOJ does with its budget, let’s hope taxpayers’ hard-earned cash doesn’t make time in prison too entertaining or “family-friendly.”

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