Dominion Server Crash Delays Georgia’s Ballot Recount

Dominion Server Crash Delays Georgia's Ballot Recount

( – The first recount of Georgia’s ballots involved hand-counting the votes; that attempt turned up over 5,000 uncounted ballots. On November 21, a second recount was requested by President Donald Trump’s legal team asking for “signature matching and other vital safeguards.” But, a Dominion Voting Systems server crash just delayed and jeopardized this next recount.

On Sunday, November 29, Fulton County officials confirmed that the server was down and expected to resume the count on Monday morning. Officials said that as of Sunday night, they believe 88% of ballots cast had been recounted. Part of the county’s statement can be seen here:

Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party David Shafer shared his thoughts on the debacle:

Georgia is required to finish the second recount by Wednesday, December 2. This odd delay in counting from the Dominion voter software does not bode well for Republicans looking to accept the results of the latest recount.

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