Donald Trump Abandoned By Big Donor

( – Republican financier Hal Lambert said in a Sunday interview with the New York Post he won’t support former President Donald Trump in next year’s election. Instead, he told the media outlet he will support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whom he believes could win the GOP nomination.

These remarks were quite surprising. After all, Lambert previously supported Trump and suggested in different interviews he was going to do the same for the 2024 election. In fact, analysts used to cite Lambert’s support as one of the reasons why the former president might have won the nomination.

Another reason why this is a major surprise is that every poll shows Trump as the favorite to win the Republican primary election. His lead over DeSantis remains high, and some polls even show that Trump has a 7-point lead over US President Joe Biden. However, Lambert will get on DeSantis’ bus, which increases the Florida Governor’s chances in the primary.

Lambert, who is the founder of Point Bridge Capital, told the Post that the Republican Party needs to forget about Trump and back DeSantis. He explained that the GOP needs new and younger faces, pointing out he’s planning “to do a lot to help DeSantis win.”

When asked when he decided to back DeSantis, Lambert said he took this decision during a dinner with the governor and his wife. He explained that both of them talked after dining and he felt impressed enough to officially support him.

He also told the Post that he likes DeSantis’ conservative record as the governor of Florida, pointing out he’s right on some of the most important issues. Additionally, he explained DeSantis is giving Americans a “good” message and said that his wife Casey “is amazing.”

Finally, Lambert explained he decided not to support Trump this time after the CNN town hall. He explained he didn’t like Trump’s claims about the 2020 presidential election and accused him of being too focused on the past.

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