Donald Trump Addresses Border Crisis

Donald Trump Addresses Border Crisis

( – As President Joe Biden holds fast to his new open border policy with Mexico, critics are speaking out against the damage it’s doing to our national security and the burden it places on our southernmost states. Not one to stay out of the game, former President Donald Trump chimed in with his thoughts on the situation.

On Tuesday, March 9, Trump released a statement condemning Biden’s policy, declaring that our nation “is being destroyed at the southern border.” The former president contrasted his policies with Biden’s unwinding of them, sharing that the border was “stronger, safer, and more secure” under his leadership and laws.

Reporter for the Epoch Times, Bowen Xiao, shared the full statement here:

Trump’s words came as US border agents detained around 100,000 migrants at the US-Mexico border last month, a record number for the past 2 years according to Reuters. It’s no surprise that the former president strongly condemned Biden’s lackluster border policy. Hopefully, this statement will give Biden the nudge needed to secure our borders once again in order to protect our nation’s prosperity.

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