Donald Trump Eyes MAGA Media to Challenge Fox News (REPORT)

Donald Trump Eyes MAGA Media to Challenge Fox News (REPORT)

( – President Donald Trump has criticized conservative media network Fox News more than once over the course of his presidency, and its election coverage put him over the edge. Sources believe the president is considering starting his own news streaming service to bring healthy competition to the media industry.

The proposed news site would likely stream online. This option is less expensive and easier to start than creating a cable network. Trump’s extensive supporter contact list would draw in the initial viewers and they would probably receive a free trial before a pay-per-month subscription began.

According to Axios reporter Mike Allen, Trump “plans to wreck Fox” with this new business venture. Trump’s disillusionment with Fox News is shown here:

While “MAGA Media” may be just another one of Trump’s business plans, healthy competition in any sector is always welcome. Trump TV could provide another needed viewpoint in the ever-polarizing news industry.

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