Donald Trump Hints at 2024 Political Future

Donald Trump Hints at 2024 Political Future

( – Former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial came to a close over the weekend. After his acquittal, he thanked his legal team and supporters for carrying our nation through the past four years. In his statement, Trump also hinted at his hopes for the future.

On Saturday, February 13, After Trump was acquitted in the 57-43 Senate vote, he shared a statement condemning the Left’s attempts to “persecute, blacklist, cancel and suppress” those that disagree with them, including himself. He also encouraged readers that he has and “always will” fight for the values so many Americans hold dear.

Former President Trump also hinted that the “incredible journey” he’s on has “only just begun.” While that could likely be a 2024 presidential bid, nothing is certain.

CSPAN shared the full statement on Twitter:

Now that the Democrats’ latest charade to silence Trump is over, he can focus on his plans for the future. Most Republicans voted to acquit the President, so he has plenty of support for whatever office he chooses to run for in the coming years.

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