Doocy Exposes Biden’s Press Secretary

Doocy Exposes Biden's Press Secretary

Biden’s Press Secretary CORNERED On Camera

( – Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy has been tough on the Biden administration, often asking controversial and difficult questions. The reporter continues to put pressure on the White House. Most recently, he called out Karine Jean-Pierre for being a hypocrite in his latest back and forth with the White House press secretary.

The correspondent started off by asking that if everyone agrees it’s wrong to claim President Biden stole the 2020 election, might the same notion apply to the speculation regarding Trump’s victory in 2016? He then talked about a tweet Jean-Pierre had posted after the win claiming Trump stole the election. The press secretary quickly interjected, declaring she knew a question like that would be coming.

Unfazed, Doocy proceeded with his point by mentioning that Jean-Pierre also claimed Brian Kemp (R) had stolen the Georgia gubernatorial election in 2018. The reporter finally asked if it was extreme to deny election results now, why it wasn’t back then when she did it.

Jean-Pierre called Doocy’s comparison ridiculous and explained she was talking about voting rights and what was going on with them in Georgia. The press secretary added that she has admitted Trump and Kemp won their elections and has been clear on the matter.

Jean-Pierre vehemently denied the results of two elections yet criticizes Republicans for feeling the same way about Biden’s win. If she’s allowed to question the legitimacy of an election, shouldn’t anyone else be permitted to as well?

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