Dr. Oz Removes Trump-Branded Content From Website After Winning

Dr. Oz Removes Trump-Branded Content From Website After Winning

Trump-Backed Candidate REMOVES Him After Crossing The Finish Line

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Dr. Mehmet Oz, a TV host and cardiologist, has turned his focus to politics, running for the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania as a Republican. Former President Trump backed Oz, which the cardiologist turned politician ran with, fully embracing the endorsement. Still, after winning the Republican primary, Oz seems to be leaving Trump in the dust and cutting ties with the former president.

According to Axios, the cardiologist was more than happy to use Trump in his ads, putting the 45th president’s image all over his website. In fact, Oz had mentioned the former president more than 70 times on his Twitter page between April 9, when Trump offered his endorsement, and May 17, the day of Oz’s primary election win. Did the TV host use Trump to launch himself into a victory?

Axios mentioned that Oz was likely running with a strategy similar to that of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R), whom Trump also endorsed. Youngkin used Trump’s support, fully embracing the former president but keeping him at a distance for scenarios in which the former president’s brand could harm his campaign.

While it may appear Oz is following the same pattern, his campaign spokesperson, Brittany Yanick, states Trump’s endorsement is the first one listed on Oz’s campaign website. Yanick explained the doctor removed the picture of him and Trump from his Twitter banner and replaced it with a “thank you, Pennsylvania” along with a solo photo of Oz to offer thanks to Pennsylvanians for the victory.

What do you think? Did Oz use, then dump, Trump?

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