Dr. Oz Tends to Collapsed Man on Plane Mid-Flight

Dr. Oz Tends To Collapsed Man On Plane Mid-Flight

Republican Candidate Springs Into Action

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A Republican Senate hopeful stepped in to revive a fellow airline passenger last week. Dr. Mehmet Oz intervened when the man collapsed on a domestic flight. Now, he’s warning travelers to make sure they stay properly hydrated while flying.

Dr. Oz, the GOP candidate for Pennsylvania’s US Senate seat in November, was traveling from Louisville, Kentucky, to Philadelphia on August 27 when he heard a woman a few rows ahead calling for help. Investigating, he found a 27-year-old man collapsed outside the plane’s bathroom. Oz said the man presented as disoriented and had low blood pressure. He asked a stewardess to bring something with sugar in it; she brought a can of soda, and after drinking the beverage, the man began to recover.

Warning of the dangers of in-flight dehydration, Oz said his unexpected patient had driven through the night to get to the airport. He said passengers should drink water, not caffeinated drinks, to maintain fluid levels and blood pressure, especially in hot weather.

Oz, who won the Pennsylvania Republican primary on June 8 and will face John Fetterman (D) in the midterm elections. Fetterman, a controversial far-left candidate, has publicly criticized Oz’s personal wealth, while his rich parents have bankrolled his political career. Former President Donald Trump endorsed Oz, who is steadily closing in on Fetterman’s poll numbers, particularly among independents.

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