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Dr. Phil Guest Wants Terms Like

Dr. Phil Guest Wants Terms Like “Mom and Dad” Cancelled

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Phillip McGraw, better known to the public by his stage name Dr. Phil, recently focused back-to-back episodes on the controversy over cancel culture. The host invited two guests to debate the issue on stage. One of the experts explained that phrases such as “mom and dad” shouldn’t be a part of society — and at least one audience member agreed.

The controversial comments came up during an episode of his show on October 10 titled “You Can’t Say That!”

McGraw opened the conversation by pointing out that some people are afraid of speaking certain words out loud for fear of being called out in public or forever shunned. He condemned the idea of cancel culture outright, eventually bringing in USC Race and Equity Center Executive Director Shaun Harper and Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression President Greg Lukianoff to share their thoughts.

Lukianoff said he felt cancel culture was at the worst level he had ever witnessed, pointing to ongoing issues with the phenomenon at American universities and colleges. Harper disagreed, dismissively rejecting his comments as disingenuous.

Dr. Phil hosted a follow-up episode the next day. In it, he talked about how some Americans want to omit offensive language from everyday use. He even presented a graph of the allegedly problematic words, which included “mom and dad.”

Harper once again joined McGraw on stage. He countered the argument by suggesting the two terms amounted to “heterosexism.” A member of the audience, LaTalya, agreed with the idea of canceling “mom and dad” explaining she was in a relationship with and shared a daughter with a woman.

LaTalya also said the terms offend both her and her partner, claiming they make the couple feel as if they don’t matter enough to be addressed as “mom and mom.”

Dr. Phil responded to LaTalya by suggesting that he takes no issue with saying “mom and mom” or “dad and dad.” But he remained confused about why their argument meant that “mom and dad” should be unacceptable.

LaTalya countered again, stating that the phrase excludes parents who refuse to fall in line with heteronormative groups.

If cancel culture is going after terms like “mom and dad,” what words are going to be next? How far will this actually go?

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