Durham Report Blasts the FBI in its Russia-Trump Investigation

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Trump-era special counsel John Durham, who was officially assigned to review the probe of former President Donald Trump’s ties to the Kremlin, concluded on Monday that U.S. authorities didn’t have enough information or evidence to open this case. While he didn’t recommend any additional charge in his final report, Durham offers a severe assessment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s process in how it conducted the probe, which was called “Crossfire Hurricane.”

In the report, Durham said that “the objective facts” reveal that the FBI was “seriously deficient” in its handling of crucial aspects of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. He also said that the FBI relied on uncorroborated, unanalyzed, and even “raw” intelligence.

The Durham report came after a four-year probe into how the bureau launched an investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign of then-Republican nominee Donald Trump and its possible contacts with the Kremlin. Durham was appointed four years ago by former Attorney General Bill Barr to conduct an in-depth investigation into the origins of the bureau’s probe.

Over the last few years, Trump has been raising expectations about this investigation, as he suggested this would reveal what he referred to as “the crime of the century.” Other Republican leaders have also been claiming that the investigation will show the FBI did a poor job in its so-called “Russia probe.” 

While Durham’s investigation has yielded different indictments, it has shown small results in court. So far, Michael Sussmann and Igor Danchencko have been the only two persons charged with lying to the beauty but were found not guilty. Another third person admitted to altering an email regarding a search warrant.

In his report, Durham wrote that different records reveal there are some areas of the FBI investigation in which the bureau not only underperformed but also failed in suffering significant harm and in its duties to the American public.

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