Dutch Farmers Revolt Against Outrageous Climate Policies

Dutch Farmers Revolt Against Outrageous Climate Policies

Dutch Farmers Launch a Revolt – Americans Would Be Proud

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Dutch government recently announced new climate policies to reduce the emissions in their country, but those changes are sure to have negative impacts on the agricultural industry. As Dutch farmers face losing their livelihoods, they’ve begun protesting the government’s decision with drastic measures.

According to Deutsche Welle, the move by the Dutch government wants to cut nitrogen emissions by 70%, with officials admitting the action would force 30% shutdowns in all livestock farms throughout the country. As a result, tens of thousands of farmers have started to protest the climate regulations.

The Associated Press reported that many farmers have left hay bales in the streets, while others dumped manure outside the homes of government officials. Some farmers have blocked highways and other critical infrastructure. Marijn van Heun, a Dutch dairy farmer, told Euro News that farmers can’t invest in the future, leaving the younger generation with no hope of taking over any farms.

The Dutch government designated Johan Remkes to head the talks between officials and farmers. The outlet noted that LTO, a Dutch farming lobbyist, called Remkes “an administrative heavyweight,” but added that representatives would be open to speaking with the official.

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