Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returns to “The View,” Fans Want More

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returns to

Epic RETURN Announced – Look Who’s Coming Back!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – “The View” is one of the most popular shows on network TV during the day. However, it has lost more than 100,000 viewers since 2021. The network has been looking for a conservative replacement since Megan McCain’s departure last year. Recently, a former co-host returned to her chair — now fans are asking for more.

On Wednesday, August 3, Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to the show as a temporary guest host. She previously co-hosted from 2003-2013 and is credited with singlehandedly changing the program’s direction. Instead of it just featuring women gabbing, the conservative brought real issues to the forefront, and that has not changed.

During her first appearance back at the table, Hasselbeck clashed with liberal Whoopi Goldberg about abortion. She explained there are options that aren’t terminating the pregnancies. The leftist host argued that God gave us all freedom of choice, but the conservative did not agree.

After Hasselbeck’s first appearance, fans began speaking out. They said they wanted her to come back to the show as a full-time host.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though that is going to happen. According to a report by Variety, Never Trumper conservative Ana Navarro and former staffer for President Donald Trump, Alyssa Farah Griffin, are going to share the job next year.

Would you like to see Hasselbeck rejoin the cast?

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