Elon Musk Promises Free-Speech Policies at Twitter Staff Meeting

Elon Musk Promises Free-Speech Policies at Twitter Staff Meeting

Elon Musk Holds Historic Meeting With Tech Giant

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Elon Musk-Twitter saga continues as the Tesla CEO looks to purchase the social media company. The deal has become shaky throughout the course of getting finalized, with Musk almost backing out due to alleged bot issues and inaccurate reports. The SpaceX owner sat down to answer questions that employees at the company had about the direction the billionaire wants to take Twitter. One of the topics the interview brought up was Musk’s free speech policies, which he has promised to bring to the platform.

Allowing Free and Open Speech

Twitter has been under scrutiny for years for allegedly censoring people on its site, including but not limited to the New York Post, Babylon Bee, and even former President Donald Trump. Musk noted he believes free speech is crucial and feels people should be able to communicate freely. Under Musk’s leadership, the platform will reportedly allow for “extreme” speech but only as long as it doesn’t break any laws. The Tesla CEO was one of the many to criticize Twitter for its apparent censorship, claiming free speech was one of the motivating factors in his decision to purchase the social media company in whole.

Bump in the Road

Shareholders were likely in for a scare as Musk nearly backed out of the deal. The SpaceX owner declared Twitter needed to be more transparent with the information and provide an extensively detailed report before he would move forward with his $44 billion purchase. Musk himself has also found trouble in getting the necessary funding for his purchase, especially after Tesla’s stock dropped. The CEO has resorted to gathering contributions from new investors in order to finance his deal.

More Changes

Aside from free speech, Musk is also looking to make other changes to the company. One of the biggest issues among employees was whether or not they’d be able to continue working remotely. The Tesla CEO asserted the practice wouldn’t be allowed, adding only he would approve exemptions, much like he recently did with Tesla.

Musk talked about how he wants to get Twitter to 1 billion users and implement a subscription version of the platform, which would help authenticate users while only costing around $3 a month. He also advocated for a moderate approach to politics on the platform as many believe the site is left-biased.

Unfortunately for shareholders, while Musk is moving toward buying Twitter, he hasn’t committed to a deal regarding the purchase of the company. His agreement with Twitter was that the deal would likely conclude in November; the parties feel they can stay on track with that deadline as long as there are no more hiccups or issues that arise.

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