Embarrassing: Hollywood Star “Accidentally” Comes Out of the Closet — Instantly Takes It Back

Embarrassing: Hollywood Star

Hollywood Star Comes Out – He Instantly Regrets It

(AmericanProsperity.com) – It’s a hard decision for people to “come out” as homosexual or bisexual, even privately let alone in front of a crowd of people. One Hollywood star recently appeared to come out as bisexual during a conference. Later, the star clarified that it was an accident, asserting he was straight before apologizing for the mishap.

Starring as an angel of the Lord named Castiel on the hit TV show “Supernatural,” Dmitri “Misha” Collins was in East Brunswick, New Jersey for a “Supernatural” convention in which he spoke to a crowd of fans. The actor asked if there were any introverts, extroverts, or bisexuals in the audience and requested they present themselves with a show of force. After the crowd quieted down, Collins claimed he was all three.

The star later apologized to the LGBTQ community, asserting he was straight but still an ally to them, promising to be better in the future. He explained his mishap on Twitter using a series of tweets, feeling the need to clarify the situation.

When Collins first construed himself as bisexual, it likely got fans hyped up, especially after his Castiel character confessed his love for Dean Winchester, one of “Supernatural’s” main protagonists portrayed by Jensen Ackles. Likely another reason Collins needed to clarify his sexual orientation while expressing his desire to help the LGBTQ community.

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