Eric Swalwell Accidentally Gets “Fang Fang” Trending

Eric Swalwell Accidentally Gets

( – In an effort to poke fun at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, US Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) inadvertently hurt himself in the process. Users on Twitter didn’t take long to grill the representative, given the unique opportunity, getting the name “Fang Fang” trending on the social media platform.

Congressman Swalwell brought the bane of Twitter down on himself after posting a tweet criticizing China and the lack of snow at the Winter Games in Beijing, then asking why they’re even held in the region. Given the Democrat’s alleged relationship with a Chinese spy, it’s easy to see why Twitter was so quick to grill him.

Axios reported on the relationship between Swalwell and an alleged Chinese spy by the name of Christine Fang, or Fang Fang, even posting a picture of the two posing together.

One Twitter user urged the congressman to “Call Fang Fang,” undoubtedly referring to his supposed relationship. But it doesn’t stop there; after all, that’s not nearly enough to get a phrase trending on Twitter.

Another user didn’t use the term “Fang Fang” but had no problem letting Swalwell know that many western leaders were easily corrupted with just some cash, being sure to include that meant campaign cash as well. Again, they were referring to Swalwell’s relationship with Fang, who helped his fundraising efforts in 2014.

Swalwell’s tweet was innocent enough, but most people will agree that the Internet isn’t always an innocent place.

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