Euphoria’ Breakout Star Angus Cloud Dies at 25

( – Hollywood 25-year-old breakout star Angus Cloud died on July 31 at his family home in Oakland, California. He was considered one of the most promising actors in the world because of his role in the HBO series “Euphoria,”  starring anti-hero drug dealer Fezco O’Neill.

The news about his death was revealed by his family in a statement, which said he was struggling with the loss of his father, whom they buried “last week” and whom he considered his best friend. The family also said that the actor was open about “his battle” with mental health, and hoped his passing could make everyone who is struggling know that they’re “not alone.”

Cloud’s publicist Cait Bailey said he never acted before “Euphoria.” She said casting scout Eleonor Hendricks noticed him while he was walking in the street in New York City. Bailey explained that Cloud initially thought the acting offer was a scam, but was later convinced after casting director Jennifer Venditti personally met him.

To many fans, his acting was so natural that they thought Cloud was probably similar to Fezco in his personal life, a notion that the actor pushed back against. In an interview with Variety, the actor said he always felt annoyed when people suggested that acting was easy work. He claimed it’s never “that simple” and pointed out he always needs to bring “a lot to the character.” Finally, he said that fans could believe what they want, but claimed that Fezco “got nothing to do with me.”

In a statement, Euphoria’s creator Sam Levinson said he felt devastated by Cloud’s death, and noted there wasn’t anyone “quite like Angus.” He also pointed out that the actor was a very special and talented person that struggled with “addiction and depression.”

In a separate statement, HBO said that Cloud was a great actor and a “beloved part” of Euphoria’s family. The television network also expressed its condolences to Cloud’s friends and family.

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