European Eco-Terrorists Launch All-Out Attack on UK Soil

European Eco-Terrorists Launch All-Out Attack on UK Soil

( – Environmental and other green activists are always trying to get their message across. Most of the time their actions are harmless and short-lived, but they can sometimes cause disruptions. In this case, so-called eco-terrorists are drawing a lot of attention to themselves in what some people see as an attack on oil companies in the United Kingdom (UK).

What’s Happening?

Several oil plants in the UK have found themselves under attack — not in a violent way, but in one that has disrupted business as usual. Near Birmingham, in Warwickshire, a group called Just Stop Oil somehow found a way to infiltrate the Kingsbury Terminal. They got into the plant in the early hours of the morning on April 15, climbing their way to the top of a loading bay.

Members of the same group have also targeted another facility in Thurrock, the Navigator Terminal. In Essex, Just Stop Oil members climbed on top of tankers outside of the Grays Inter Terminal, where they were able to block access points. Activists at the Kingsbury Terminal have asserted they plan to stay as long as possible, or until parliament reverses course on upcoming oil and gas programs.

That’s the reason behind these protests: to convince the government to halt all new gas and oil operations in the UK. According to the Daily Mail, authorities in Warwickshire have made 12 arrests. Essex reported charging 23 people so far, as officers were still on the scene.

The protest wasn’t all peaceful. One tanker driver grabbed an activist by the back of their jacket and yanked them off of his rig. The protestor fell to the pavement below. The driver’s rage is understandable. It’s Easter weekend, and workers just want to do their jobs. Although the trucker’s violent reaction likely went too far, as of now, police aren’t seeking to take action against him.

The Daily Mail says this protest could last all weekend, meaning police will likely get to spend little time with their families.

Is It Worth It?

The question on everyone’s minds is whether or not this display will actually bring about any change. Obviously, these activists are determined to force their ideologies, as they claim oil executives are only worried about lining their pockets instead of taking care of the planet. Will the government hear their cries?

The future of the oil and gas industry in the UK seems to be unclear. It’s doubtful the protests will have any impact on future fossil fuel plans, but for the moment, they are disrupting business.

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