European Union Announces New Travel Restrictions

European Union Announces New Travel Restrictions

( – The European Union (EU) often makes recommendations and rules for its 27 member states to facilitate a more cohesive Europe regarding travel, economics, and general interactions. The organization’s latest move involved removing the US from its coronavirus “safe list” and asking countries to impose travel restrictions on Americans once again.

On Monday, August 30, the EU announced the new changes to the list of countries considered “safe” to travel to and from right now. It kicked the US off the list and Israel, Montenegro, Lebanon, and Kosovo.

While the European Council made this bold move as the Delta COVID variant cases rise, it did not mandate member states to impose new restrictions. Many, desperately in need of tourism to boost their economy, will likely not impose new coronavirus mandates. Experts believe nations will continue without restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated.

The India Times shared more about why the EU made this recommendation:

Most nations have not yet announced their updates to travel policies. Still, one manager with Spain’s tourism authority encouraged travelers that the nation would not change its policies, even for the unvaccinated.

While this move from the EU does sound bad at first glance, most European countries will probably continue to prioritize tourism and travel over crippling their economies again. Hopefully, Europe will allow everyone to travel freely again soon.

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