EV Charging So Slow That Journalist Spent More Time Charging Than Sleeping on Road Trip

EV Charging So Slow That Journalist Spent More Time Charging Than Sleeping on Road Trip

Road Trip In An EV – The Results Were VERY Disappointing

(AmericanProsperity.com) – As Biden and Democrats are pushing for the passage of the Green New Deal, it’s clear that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation. Despite having high hopes and strong potential, EVs have their own set of problems. A big hurdle for EVs is charging time; one journalist discovered the issue the hard way after spending more time on a road trip charging their EV than they did sleeping.

Rachel Wolfe of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) took a four-day road trip in an EV thinking it would be fun. However, she soon discovered the extent of her car’s limits. In her article on the WSJ, Wolfe described her road trip from New Orleans, Louisiana to Chicago, Illinois and back in a brand-new Kia EV6. The journalist mentioned her Volkswagen Jetta had survived long road trips in the past, citing blown tires, headlight failure, and shredded wheel wells.

Wolfe noted she figured driving a brand-new car would make the trip much easier, but she couldn’t have been more wrong. The journalist wrote the trip would’ve likely gone much smoother if the charging infrastructure were better. She mentioned that many of the charging stations advertised “fast-charging” but weren’t near fast.

Her report notes that she and her companion, Mack, were forced to sleep for only four hours one night to make sure they made it to their destination on time after missing several reservations. She summarized that she only got around 16 hours of sleep during the trip, while the car charged for around 18 hours. Wolfe proclaimed the “fumes never smelled so sweet,” as she filled her Jetta’s tank after returning from her unnecessarily lengthy trip.

While EVs may be the future, it’s clear they have some aspects to work on, namely charging infrastructure and battery life. The cars are great for getting around town, but they aren’t so ideal for driving across the country.

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