Even Washington Post Admits Kamala Harris Has an “Unusually Large Role”

Even Washington Post Admits Kamala Harris Has an

(AmericanProsperity.com) – When President Joe Biden was choosing a running mate on the campaign trail, most Americans guessed that whoever it was would have a large role to play in the administration. But, less than two months in, even the Washington Post admits Vice President Kamala Harris’ role is “unusually large.”

On Monday, March 8, the Washington Post shared their Daily 202, which outlined Harris’ contributions to their foreign policy. She’s spoken with major allies like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and French President Emmanuel Macron, tasks usually carried out by the President.

These facts also pushed the Conservative Tribune to question who is truly in charge:

While the Biden administration says there’s a “normal” balance between the President and his second, many question that statement. As President Biden only continues to age, we must closely watch Harris and her actions, as she’s likely the one trying to run the show.

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