Expert: Biden Reverting America to Obama Days

Expert: Biden Reverting America to Obama Days

( – Many Americans who lived through the Obama presidency look back on those days and remember a sluggish economy, spineless foreign policy, and an abundance of illegal immigration. Those poor policies easily led the way for Donald Trump’s no-nonsense, America-first leadership. But, with President Joe Biden in office again, some experts warn America may be heading back towards the dark Obama days.

On February 20, New York Post writer Michael Goodwin wrote a harsh, yet clear, critique of the Biden administration. One American shared the article on Twitter:

Goodwin spoke about a myriad of Biden’s misled policies in the article. In particular, he focused mainly on the events of Friday, February 19. That’s when Biden began letting asylum seekers wait in the United States rather than staying in Mexico, as was the policy under former President Trump. Goodwin also noted Biden’s interest in rejoining the Iran nuclear deal, Paris Climate Accord, and a myriad of other globalist fantasies.

While the policies Biden pushes raise concerns among many Americans, they will only make the push for better leadership in our government that much easier in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election. While Biden may have the reigns now, he will almost certainly motivate the country to choose a better leader next time around.

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