Expert: Constitution Does NOT Say Elections End December 8th or 14th

Expert: Constitution Does NOT Say Elections End December 8th or 14th

( – States are finishing certifying votes and their electors get ready to cast their vote. At the same time, the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society cautions that the pressure to wrap up the election by mid-December is not as clear-cut as previously thought. A new paper published by the group explains why.

President of ProActive Communications and senior advisor of President Donald Trump’s campaign, Mark Serrano, explains how the mainstream media is trying to use “safe harbor” dates to make the election results final:

The recently published paper outlines that the only date in the Constitution involving elections is January 20, when Trump’s first term ends. It’s actually a federal law from 1948 that dictates the safe harbor dates for electors to vote.

The paper concludes, then, that if rushing to abide by the safe harbor dates takes away from our nation’s “faithfully adhering to constitutional requirements” of guaranteeing a free and fair election, they must be disregarded.

The paper alleges that laws were “flagrantly violated” in many states, thus asserting those states should have no issue spending a bit more time to ensure the integrity of their election. Serrano maintains that rather than rushing to have electors vote by December 14, state legislatures must first ensure a proper election, as he believes their only true deadline is noon on January 20.

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