Explained: The Failed Engineering Behind Putin’s Vulnerable Tanks

Explained: The Failed Engineering Behind Putin's Vulnerable Tanks

These Tanks Are Rolling DEATH Traps By Design

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Tanks revolutionized the way countries fight wars. These armored vehicles are tough enough to strike fear into anyone and just about anything they encounter. However, the Russians seem to have a bit of a problem with their tanks, a design flaw that is costing them dearly.

Unfortunately for the Russian soldiers operating these tanks, they’re essentially sitting ducks in what Western military experts are calling “mobile coffins.” That’s because these tanks each store their ammunition under their turret, typically around 40 shells. As a result, just about any successful hit on the tank, not even a direct hit to the shells, could result in the ignition of the ammunition, creating an explosion that would blow the turret off the tank and kill the crew inside.

The scene has become a regular occurrence in Russia’s ongoing attack on Ukraine as the streets are littered with scrap tanks that have suffered such fates. But the military actually discovered the design flaw during the Gulf Wars in 1991 and 2003, when Russian-made Iraqi tanks suffered similar fates. While those were T-72 tanks, Russia’s other tank models, the T-80 and T-90, also share this weakness.

Ukraine’s military claims it has destroyed 970 Russian tanks, 431 artillery units, 187 planes, 157 helicopters, and eight ships since the onset of the invasion, according to the Daily Mail. Analysts at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, based in Washington, D.C., claim it will be a long time before Russia can fight any further wars as a result of the reported losses.

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