FAA Keeping Close Eye on Boeing Manufacturing?

Victorville, CA / USA – March 27, 2017: The Boeing Company’s logo on wall of a building at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, California.

(AmericanProsperity.com) – After the investigation into the incident where a Boeing 737 Max 9 airplane’s door plug blew off, the Federal Aviation Administration recently said on Friday that it’s looking to up its oversight of Boeing manufacturing.

The recent story of the Boeing 737-9 Max plane included a door plug flying out mid-air on an Alaska Airlines flight. The door, as well as a few cell phones from passengers, had dropped 16,000 feet from the sky. The door plug was found in the backyard of a resident’s home.

The FAA statement said, “It is time to re-examine the delegation of authority and assess any associated safety risks.”

Increased inspections are expected to start immediately as the FAA stated, and it will include a multitude of different audits and checks on the Boeing planes. It will include an audit of the Boeing 737-9 MAX production line and suppliers to ensure that they’re following internal quality procedures at all times.

It will also include an increased monitoring of Boeing 737-9 Max in-service events, an assessment of safety risks, and a look into third-party options as well.

“The grounding of the 737-9 and the multiple production-related issues identified in recent years require us to look at every option to reduce risk. The FAA is exploring the use of an independent third party to oversee Boeing’s inspections and its quality system,” FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said.

The investigation into the Boeing 737-9 Max plane incident had the main goal of ensuring the plane was originally “in a condition for safe operation in compliance with FAA regulations.”

The Federal Aviation Administration also stated that they’d be looking into a third-party company to do Boeing’s inspections from here on out.

Boeing commented on the situation saying, ”We will cooperate fully and transparently with the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board on their investigations.”

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