Facebook Ad Boycott Gains More Steam

Facebook Ad Boycott Gains More Steam

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Six organizations have partnered together to form the Stop Hate For Profit Campaign, which is rallying companies to boycott Facebook advertising for the month of July. They claim the social media site’s lack of intervention on what’s posted on the site is “blatant voter suppression” and does not discourage “incitement to violence” in light of the recent protests.

The organizations behind this boycott are the NAACP, Color for Change, Free Press, ACL, Common Sense, and Sleeping Giants. Companies that have joined the movement include Patagonia, REI, Upwork, The North Face, among others.

Facebook responded to the boycott with a statement on Sunday, June 21. It outlined their position to “elevate black voices” and support “communities of color.” They have announced many grants and other programs to support the organizations, although no major changes to their editing of content on their site were announced in the statement.

Facebook runs on the ability for users to feely post, share, and comment on a wide variety of content. It shouldn’t be the private sector’s space to deem what content is subject to censorship or curation, although a private company can do whatever it wishes with its platform. As the battle against censorship rages on, it’s vital to protect free speech across social media.

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