Facebook Announces More Bans Against Military Coup Members

Facebook Announces More Bans Against Military Coup Members

(AmericanProsperity.com) – In early 2021, the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar witnessed as the military overthrew Aung San Suu Kyi and her democratic efforts. With the country under military control, protests erupted, and tensions increased as the military became violent toward demonstrators. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, subsequently banned the Myanmar military members, and now the social media platform is taking the move a step further.

The company announced on December 8 that it would be extending its ban on members of the Myanmar military. The extension will see Facebook reject and remove any pages, accounts, or groups connected to the military organization.

The Director of Public Policy for APAC Emerging Countries at Meta, Rafael Frankel, asserted that the company is taking action. They decided based on international community data related to businesses in Myanmar, which directly funded the Tatmadaw and their continued violence and human rights abuses. Frankel admitted Meta was using documents from 2019 due to missing data on Tatmadaw’s current commercial efforts.

The announcement of the ban came only days after Rohingya refugees filed a lawsuit against Facebook, claiming the company didn’t do enough to prevent the spread of violence and hate speech. Earlier in the week, before Meta announced the ban, a spokesperson for the company asserted that they were taking the necessary steps to curb violating content and misinformation.

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