Facebook Claims “Bug” Prevented Criticism of Communist China

Facebook Claims

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Facebook’s parent company, Meta, insists that a sharing restriction placed on a Chinese dance company was a bug and not any kind of censorship. The Epoch Times reports that Shen Yun is a popular troop known to be at odds with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The dancers promote their act as “China before communism,” highlighting 5,000 years of culture.

The company regularly faces censorship in China. The Epoch Times says they came together in New York to celebrate their country’s history, much of which is lost to the ways of the CCP. The dancers perform traditional pieces inspired by their Buddhist and Daoist roots. The atheist government finds the dances to be contrary to its ideology.

China’s current regime follows Falon Dafa, a discipline which embodies principles of truthfulness, tolerance, and compassion, but rejects any religious affiliation. Chen Yun’s shows, steeped in Chinese spirituality and religion, pose a threat to the government’s required mantra. Theater managers and local governments promoting the shows often face intimidation tactics and threats.

Does the CCP’s dislike for its own country’s culture have anything to do with the Facebook ban on sharing a popular dance company’s promotional posts? Facebook openly admits that it can, for any reason or no reason at all, censor or remove anything on its platform. The company denies any kind of censorship on the issue, and the problem was fixed, but not before numerous fans of dance and Chinese culture had their access denied.

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