Facebook Starts Moderating Content Ahead of Midterms

Facebook Starts Moderating Content Ahead of Midterms

Facebook Runs Election Restrictions – 2020 All Over Again?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Facebook has become a prominent way for people to get information. The tech giant is looking to moderate content ahead of the midterms, much like it did in the 2020 presidential election. But the platform isn’t stopping there. Workers will also be moderating content for elections around the world. The announcement likely has many people concerned given how the social media site appeared to censor a portion of its users during the last big vote.

New Restrictions

Nick Clegg, Global Affairs President at Facebook, now known as Meta, wrote in a press release that candidates wouldn’t be able to add or edit political ads during the “restriction period.” The freeze is set to occur the week of the midterm elections. Meta also noted the company would be taking lessons from the 2020 election process and applying the knowledge to this round of midterms.

The representative said it would be removing any posts that question whether election results are legitimate, urge people not to vote, add misinformation regarding who can participate, or try to misinform where, when, or how to submit ballots. Facebook will also delete any posts containing calls for violence concerning voting or the outcome of the elections.

Countering Hate

Meta bragged about all it has done to fight hate, mentioning how much content it has censored. The release noted the company had disrupted both foreign and domestic operations that attempted to influence US elections, banning over “270 white supremacists” groups and removing 2.5 million posts with ties to organized hate around the world. Facebook claims 97% of the content it removed was gone before anyone reported it.

Cause for Concern

While Facebook claims to be moderating content in the best interests of the American people, many users still worry about the social media platform’s involvement. During the 2020 election cycle, conservatives expressed concern that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets were censoring their content. Some people claimed the sites were attempting to give Democrats an upper hand and uproot then-President Donald Trump from his spot in the Oval Office.

Facebook and other companies also seemingly shut down claims from conservatives who believed the 2020 election was illegitimate. The development was one of the main reasons some right-leaning users felt the company censored their content. Now, many are feeling similar concerns following Meta’s announcement that it will be moderating content ahead of what is set to be a volatile midterm election.

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