Fact-Checkers Bust Kamala Harris’ Lies During Recent Interview

Fact-Checkers Bust Kamala Harris' Lies During Recent Interview

(AmericanProsperity.com) – It’s easy to play the blame game and not take responsibility for one’s actions. Unfortunately, many people choose to do this rather than own up to their mistakes. Politics isn’t immune to such conduct either.

While the Vice President of the United States isn’t the leader of the free world, the position is still of great importance. The vice president is the person directly in line to become president in an emergency. To some observers, Kamala Harris isn’t the ideal person for the position, especially when she doesn’t seem to be one for the truth.

One of the Biden administration’s most criticized actions was the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. During a recent interview with Margaret Brennan, Vice President Harris explained her support of President Biden’s decision to withdraw the troops. She explained the president was only adhering to Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban, which she claimed didn’t include the Afghan government. However, as Breitbart reported, Trump spoke with leaders from both the Taliban and Afghanistan concerning a withdrawal of US troops by spring, disproving the vice president’s claims. The Washington Post also reported on the meeting.

Harris claimed that the Afghanistan conflict would’ve been even longer if Biden didn’t follow through with his predecessor’s plan. But, again, the vice president was lying as Biden didn’t honor Trump’s peace deal when he withdrew troops at a later date; to add insult to injury, the president left billions of dollars of military equipment behind for the Taliban.

Biden also failed to secure Kabul, the nation’s capital, before taking the troops out of Afghanistan and leaving thousands of refugees and Americans behind to fend for themselves.

Now that Trump is no longer in office, it’s easier for the current administration to pin the blame on him. However, facts are facts, and the truth never lies.

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