Factory Worker Killed in Tragic Robot Accident

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A robot killed a man in South Korea by crushing him to death on November 8, after it confused the human with a box of vegetables. The victim, who was a 40-year-old worker at a robotics company, was checking the machine’s sensor in South Gyeongsang’s Center for Agricultural Production.

According to different reports, the robot was lifting pepper boxes onto a pallet until it suddenly grabbed the worker with its mechanic arm and violently pushed him against the conveyor belt. His chest and face were crushed instantly. Investigators concluded that the robot suffered a malfunction that made it identify the worker as “another box.”

In a statement, South Korea’s police said that the department is preparing to launch a probe into the safety managers of the Donggoseong Export Agricultural Complex, to determine if they committed any negligence. Following the incident, one of the owners of the Center for Agricultural Production plant said in a separate statement that he already called for a safe and “precise” system to be established. He also said that these types of “accidents” should never happen again.

The victim had allegedly filled in to conduct some tests for November 6, as he reportedly claimed that the robot was already showing some “issues.” However, these tests were pushed back two days because of a problem with the machine’s sensors.

Back in March, a 52-year-old man suffered serious injuries at an automobile parts manufacturing plant in South Korea, as he got trapped by a robot. Later in July, a video of a chess-playing robot fracturing a child’s hand during a match in Russia became viral, raising concerns about robots’ interactions with humans.

The incident took place in Moscow, and authorities said that the machine injured the 7-year-old boy because it was confused by his movements. Vice President of Russia’s Chess Federation Sergey Lazarev said during a press conference that the kid was to blame. He told reporters that the boy did some moves with his hands that violated “safety rules.”

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