Fake Unaccompanied Minor Allegedly Kills Person Who Took Him In

Fake Unaccompanied Minor Allegedly Kills Person Who Took Him In

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A disturbing news break about a murder case in Florida raises new questions about the risks of allowing unaccompanied minor migrants free access to the United States. Police say they arrested 24-year-old Yery Noel Medina Ulloa on October 7 for the murder in cold blood of a 46-year-old Jacksonville resident.

Ulloa, originally from Honduras, entered America earlier this year via a crossing point in Texas. When agents initially detailed the migrant, he not only lied about his age but also falsified his name, claiming to be an unaccompanied 17-year-old minor by the name of Reynel Alexander Hernandez.

Border Patrol agents didn’t turn the “underage” boy away because of his stated age. Instead, they sent him to a shelter per Biden administration policies. At some point, he managed to make his way to Florida, where Francisco Javier Cuellar took him in.

MaryCarmen, the victim’s daughter, believes that someone asked her father to take him in. She says her father was a compassionate man and would never refuse to help someone in need. She also questions whether the Biden administration flew Ulloa in via a secret flight as part of their ongoing effort to resettle unaccompanied minors because she says her father went to the airport one day and Ulloa “came out of nowhere.”

Authorities say they found Ulloa by a local lake in Jacksonville, where he was hiding out covered in blood. A trail of droplets led them back to Cuellar’s body. Based on elements at the scene and wounds on Cuellar’s body, he was stabbed multiple times and beaten with a chair.

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