Famous Historian Slams Biden for Failing To Accept Responsibility for Inflation

Famous Historian Slams Biden for Failing To Accept Responsibility for Inflation

Famed Historian SLAMS Biden

(AmericanProsperity.com) – President Biden has continuously pushed blame for inflation on everyone and everything he can except for himself and his administration. First, he blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for increasing the demand for goods and straining the supply chain. Now, he blames Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for surging gas prices and grocery costs. A famous historian has called out the president on the issue.

The Daily Wire reported that Niall Ferguson, author and renowned historian, criticized Biden and his administration for not taking responsibility. According to the report, Ferguson spoke with Brian Kilmeade of Fox News comparing Biden to former President Lyndon B. Johnson, who accepted that he’d messed up in Vietnam and declined to run for a second term because of it.

Ferguson asserted Biden was too concerned with scoring points politically. The historian also mentioned the president blaming US corporations and businesses for supposedly price gouging, calling it “economic imbecility.” He reportedly talked about how inflation started earlier than Biden wants to admit, asserting it began with the current president taking office. The famed historian, once named one of Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people, also compared Biden’s administration to that of former President Jimmy Carter, noting even the 39th president took responsibility for the inflation that took place during his tenure.

What does this revelation mean for Biden’s future? Perhaps more and more people will realize he’s hurting the country and vote him out. Or maybe he’ll take a hint from Ferguson and decline to run for reelection due to his failures.

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