Fans Banned From Olympics Due to COVID

Fans Banned From Olympics Due to COVID

( – The 2021 Olympic games haven’t even started yet, and the controversies surrounding them already abound. While some decisions leading up to the games have been understandable, the latest decision is quite sad. After talks between Tokyo Olympic organizers and government officials, the Olympic committee officially banned fans from the famous games to limit coronavirus spread.

Japan Declares a State of Emergency in Tokyo

On Thursday, July 8, Japan announced it will place its capital city of Tokyo, which is home to this summer’s Olympic games, under a state of emergency from Monday, July 12 until at least August 22. This timeframe includes the duration of the Summer Olympics set to take place from July 23 until August 8.

Government officials fear the games will bring a fresh surge of coronavirus cases to the city, which is already experiencing a spike in new virus cases. The emergency request will also shut down venues that serve alcohol to encourage spectators to watch the Olympics from home rather than at bars or restaurants.

Spectators Banned From Olympic Games

Alongside the state of emergency, organizers of the Olympics decided that they could only provide “a limited version of the games” to ensure everyone’s safety. No spectators will be allowed in any Olympic venues in Tokyo. One organizer noted it was “regrettable” but indicated safety concerns outweighed other considerations.

Foreign spectators were banned quite a while ago, and as of now, local spectators may still be allowed to watch Olympic events in venues outside of Tokyo. Obviously, this decision has led many local spectators to seek refunds for their advance-purchased tickets, potentially forcing the summer games to seek an $800 million bailout.

Walking the Fine Line

Only 15% of Japan’s population is fully vaccinated, making the organizers and government understandably wary of mass crowds at the Olympics. On Wednesday, July 7, Tokyo reported 920 new cases on top of the 714 reported the week prior. Coupled with many citizens taking summer holidays and hoping to see the Olympic games, these numbers could cripple Japan if not contained.

While Japan made this decision to protect itself from a new wave of infections, it’s not without cost. The world’s best athletes will compete without the fervor and adoration of fans in the stands, and the Olympic committee will be millions of dollars in the red. Even healthy people will not be allowed into the games.

But, the games will go on, and hopefully, the US’ incredible athletes will bring home some gold medals.

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