FBI: Cyber Attacks Hit Close to Home

FBI: Cyber Attacks Hit Close to Home

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Advancements in technology paired with social-distancing measures drive many Americans to use banking apps on their phone or tablet rather than going to a bank in-person. However, on June 10, the FBI released a public service announcement warning hackers are targeting banking and financial apps as they’re more popular.

According to the announcement, there’s been a 50% surge in mobile banking since January. This increased usage entices hackers to steal data, passwords, and bank account numbers.

The FBI warns against two main techniques: banking trojans and fake apps. Banking trojans are apps disguised as games or tools that lie dormant until you launch your legitimate banking app. Then, they create a false version of your bank’s home page where you input your account credentials. This gives hackers direct access to your account name and password before it leads you back to your actual banking app.

False banking apps also plague the internet. Only download apps from reputable sources, preferably using the link on the bank’s established site.

Cyber attacks are only successful when your guard is lowered. So, as hackers try to steal your hard-earned money, be wise with where you store passwords, the apps you use, and who has access to your accounts. Doing so could be the difference between a healthy savings account and identity theft.

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