FBI Denies Claims That It Failed To Keep a Close Eye on Murder Suspect

FBI Fails To Keep a Close Eye on Murder Suspect During Road Trip

(AmericanProsperity.com) – In the weeks after the slayings of the four University of Idaho students, authorities zoomed in on suspect Bryan Kohberger. They kept mum about the investigation, leading many people to think the case was going cold. Instead, they were actively monitoring Kohberger, including while he was driving cross-country from Washington state to his parents’ home in Pennsylvania. An author alleged that the FBI had lost sight of the suspect for several hours during the trek, a claim that the agency has now denied.

According to Howard Blum, who is currently writing a true-crime book about the murders, anonymous sources told him that the FBI lost track of Kohberger almost from the moment he left his housing complex. Blum wrote on his Air Mail that authorities were unable to find him “for several alarming hours — or more,” according to the New York Post. Then, he claims the “mood of panic” on the agents’ part “rapidly escalated into one of despair.”

Blum said authorities were able to finally catch up to him because of an automated license plate reader that identified the vehicle. While the author, a former reporter for The New York Times, relayed that the FBI was keeping this “screwup” quiet, the agency categorically denied the claims.

An agency spokesperson told Fox News Digital, “anonymous sources [are] providing false information to the media.” Other law enforcement members also denied the claims, telling the New York Post that the author “needs to go back to his source.” Blum and the website Air Mail have not responded to requests for comment.

Kohberger has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder and a single count of felony burglary. He will appear in court again in June. The suspect has yet to enter a plea in answer to the charges against him and is being held in police custody without bail.

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