FBI Director Says Agency Is Not Protecting Biden Family

(AmericanProsperity.com) – FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed on July 12 that the bureau isn’t protecting the Biden family, following allegations that Hunter Biden’s probe was politically influenced. Additionally, Wray refused to answer questions from lawmakers of the Congress’ Judiciary Committee on whether President Joe Biden is under federal investigation.

During a hearing with this committee, the director claimed that the FBI has done a “good work” and denied any type of politicization within the agency. Wray also criticized numerous claims that suggested he’s biased in favor of President Biden and against conservatives. He told lawmakers that these allegations were “somewhat insane.”

Despite these words, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan said that the United States needed to stop the “weaponization” of the government against people. He also claimed that the country was experiencing a dangerous situation because of the “double standard” he says it currently exists in “our justice system.”

In addition to Jordan, many other GOP representatives claimed there was a “double standard” of justice. Many pointed out that the greatest example was the way the FBI handled the investigations related to the Biden family, in comparison with the ones against former President Donald Trump.

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz pointed to the allegations made by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley against the US Department of Justice. Shapley has said in different interviews that this agency took numerous steps throughout the Hunter Biden investigation to protect him and his father.

Gaetz was referring to a specific message exchange between a Chinese energy executive and President Joe Biden’s son. In the messages, Hunter seems to indicate to the executive that his father was sitting next to him. He also threatened him to “forever hold a grudge” if he didn’t complete a deal they were allegedly negotiating.

When it was Gaetz’s turn to question the FBI Director, the representative accused him of being “suspiciously uncurious” about this situation with the Biden family. He then asked Wray if he was “protecting the Bidens,” to which the director said, “Absolutely not.”

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