FBI Plans To Combat MAGA Terrorism

FBI Plans To Combat MAGA Terrorism

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Terrorism has always been a major concern for the FBI. The agency has ramped up its efforts to combat domestic terrorism three-fold over the past five years, according to Newsweek. The bureau has shifted its focus to anti-government actions and civil unrest, making up 70% of the FBI’s open cases, and many of them are investigating individuals involved with MAGA.

While the bureau has increased its efforts to combat domestic terrorism, namely so-called MAGA terrorism, it also covertly changed its classifications of extremism related to anti-Semitism, white supremacy, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-abortion stances. These are now filed under hate crimes. Combatting terrorism remains the top priority of the FBI.

The bureau has reportedly doubled its workforce to help deal with terrorism, which the FBI classifies as politically motivated violence or threats of violence. Even with more employees working on the cases, the agency has few resources to spare on other issues.

The bureau has already charged at least 850 people in connection with the January 6 riot at the Capitol. One senior official within the agency told Newsweek the FBI isn’t partial to one political party or the other. It just so happens to be mainly investigating MAGA activity, which officials claim makes up 80% of its anti-government category.

The FBI claims it doesn’t look into people on the basis of ideology. It insists the agency only investigates suspects who plan or commit federal crimes as well as individuals agents have deemed a threat to the nation’s security.

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