FBI Under Fire for Controversial Church Investigation

(AmericanProsperity.com) – House investigators said on December 4 that the FBI’s investigation into whether traditional Catholics represented a terrorist threat involved an undercover agent who infiltrated a church and interviews with a priest and a church director. The House panel that is examining the “weaponization” of government revealed the interviews and the active role of at least one spy, as part of a congressional investigation into the bureau’s targeting of traditional Catholics in the country.

Some House lawmakers said that subpoenas issued in the probe showed that the agency singled out as potential terrorists those who support gender distinction, the biological basis for sex, and who hold pro-family and pro-life values. The House Judiciary subcommittee noted that the interviews with the choir director and priest were used to notify on a parishioner under investigation who described himself as a “radical” and “traditionalist Catholic.”

Lawmakers also said that FBI employees in the agency’s Virginia office, where the investigation originated, failed to define the meaning of these types of Catholics. However, they said “this single investigation” eventually became the basis for a memorandum published by the agency where it warned about the “dangers” of “radical Catholics” in the United States.

Far from being limited to Richmond, Virginia, House investigators said that the FBI investigation relied on reporting from some other offices in numerous cities around the country including Portland, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles. The Congress launched its probe of the bureau’s targeting of traditional Catholics in the country after a leaked document from the Richmond office was published on the website Uncover DC earlier this year.

The document warned that those Catholics who favored traditional Latin Mass were more likely to join some extremist groups in the United States. As reported in the subcommittee report, the bureau even proposed developing some sources among church leadership and even the Catholic clergy.

The House said that the interviews with the choir director and priest were eventually used by the FBI to draft a memo that warned that traditionalist and radical Catholics adhered to “white supremacy ideology.”

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