FBI Whistleblower Claims Durham Report Is FBI “Death Knell”

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Federal Bureau of Investigation whistleblower Steve Friend said during a Thursday interview on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” that the so-called Durham report should represent “the final death knell for the FBI.”

Along with Kyle Seraphin, who is another agency whistleblower, Friend explained to host Laura Ingraham that the Bureau has now become some kind of “political actor.”

Over the last few years, many leaders from both political parties have been claiming that the FBI has shown a concerning bias that could represent a threat to American democracy. The report from Special Counsel John Durham revived these claims as it showed how the agency started to investigate the alleged connections between then-candidate Donald Trump and the Kremlin, based on uncorroborated evidence. It also revealed that the FBI failed to provide any evidence to support this connection.

After describing this investigation against Trump, Seraphin told Ingraham that this report is completely “damning” and that it has put the FBI in a delicate situation. He also noted that one of the worst situations the report reveals is the way that the Bureau was extremely slow while investigating the Clinton Foundation, but decided to quickly investigate the Trump campaign without any solid piece of evidence.

While it remains unclear what actions could be taken against the FBI, many believe this situation could play in favor of Trump, to the point where it could even increase his popularity.

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