FBI Whistleblower Gets $1 Million Payout

FBI Whistleblower Gets $1 Million Payout

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Los Angeles County recently awarded a convicted bank robber who became a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) informant $1 million for his help in uncovering brutal conditions in Los Angeles county jails. The board of supervisors approved the settlement after prisoner Anthony Brown filed a lawsuit stating Sheriff’s officials attempted to hide him and stop him from reporting to the FBI.

Attorney Stuart Miller, one of the attorneys representing Brown, said his client was kidnapped for 18 days and denied medical treatment while held in solitary confinement. Miller said Brown believed “he was going to die” and that prisoners were always under constant threat and subjected to random brutal beatings.

On one occasion, one of Brown’s FBI handlers paid a deputy $1,500 to smuggle a cell phone and several other items into the inmate. Miller called the whole jail system “completely out of control.”

The Los Angeles Times first reported the story back in 2013, saying Sheriff’s officials referred to the cover-up as “Operation Pandora’s Box.” According to reports, Brown provided FBI agents with necessary evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of 22 deputies, including several high-ranking officials. All were complicit in excessive force abuses and engaged in misconduct that affected prisoners. Brown allegedly smuggled information to authorities through written notes naming corrupt deputies during his weekly visits with FBI handlers.

Brown, who is currently serving a 400-year sentence, said in his lawsuit that he suffered cruel and unusual punishment and retaliation at the hands of Sheriff deputies. According to his attorney, the inmate plans to use the $1 million payout to fight for his freedom and care for his family.

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