FBI Withdraws Request for USA Today Reader IDs

FBI Withdraws Request for USA Today Reader IDs

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Many Americans go to great lengths to protect their personal info and data. But, time and time again, the government fights to gather this information through methods such as mobile phone access or subscription records. This week, personal privacy protection had a huge win when the FBI withdrew its request for identification records for readers of a USA Today article.

On Saturday, June 5, the US Justice Department alerted USA Today they were withdrawing a subpoena previously given to the newspaper when hoping to identify people who read a February article. The story in question centered on two FBI agents who were killed while serving a warrant in a crimes against children case.

WikiLeaks shared just what information the FBI was hoping to get:

The lawyer for USA TODAY highlighted how this request was unconstitutional. The story reminds us of other companies who have gone to bat for the privacy of their customers, including Apple in the ongoing FBI-Apple Encryption Dispute. While there may be a time and place to comply with the FBI’s demands for personal info, this particular case is a victory for both USA Today and personal privacy.

What do you think? Did the FBI have the right to even consider requesting this info? Let us know what you think.

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