Federal Judge Stops Biden’s Oil and Gas Drilling Block

Federal Judge Stops Biden's Oil and Gas Drilling Block

(AmericanProsperity.com) – When President Joe Biden took office, he put a halt on new permits for oil and gas drilling on federal lands. The decision was part of his broader action on climate change. However, a number of states sued the administration to allow the drilling to continue. A federal judge agreed with the states and issued a blow to Biden.

On Tuesday, June 15, Judge Terry A. Doughty of the US District Court in Louisiana issued a ruling saying the administration does not have the authority to stop leasing federal land without congressional approval. The judge, one of former President Donald Trump’s appointees, explained that the policy would immediately harm the states involved in the lawsuit. He went on to say that “millions and possibly billions of dollars are at stake” used to fund local governments, create jobs, and fund the “restoration of Louisiana’s Coastline.”

A spokesperson for the Interior Department said they are “reviewing the judge’s opinion.” They are going to put out a report that includes “initial findings on the state of the federal conventional energy programs” and outline what steps they think the government should take in order to protect the environment, energy development, and jobs all at once.

The ruling is a major victory for anyone who wants to ensure America is energy independent.

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