Female Accuser Says Andrew Cuomo “Man-Handled” Her in Attack

Female Accuser Says Andrew Cuomo

(AmericanProsperity.com) – How many accusations of sexual assault must a governor face before they agree to resign? Apparently, 10 is not yet enough for New York governor Andrew Cuomo. His latest accuser detailed how the Democrat elite “man-handled” her in her own home.

On Monday, March 29, New Yorker Sherry Vill publicly spoke about a meeting with Governor Cuomo in which he acted inappropriately. In May 2017, Cuomo came to Greece, New York to tour homes damaged by floods, including Vill’s. Once inside, Vill says Cuomo kissed her cheek in a “highly sexual manner.” He also told her she was “beautiful” and invited her to attend future events with him alone.

WGRZ reporter Dave McKinley shared a quote from Vill, as well as Cuomo’s lawyers’ explanation of the accusation:

As sexual harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo continue to pile up, Americans on both sides of the aisle wonder how many more women must step forward before Democrats acknowledge what is happening and demand his resignation? In case Cuomo’s gross mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t enough, these stories surely must bring an end to Cuomo’s reign.

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