Female Prisoners Assaulted after Males Transferred to Facility

Female Prisoners Assaulted after Males Transferred to Facility

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A Washington state corrections officer has stepped forward with a disturbing tale after recently losing his job for not getting vaccinated. The former guard, Scott Flemming, has come out with several accounts originating in the Washington Corrections Center for Women. One case could have cost the state in incredibly unsettling ways.

Princess Zoee Andromeda-Love

The former guard’s stories focus on one particular inmate who went by the name of Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda-Love. Andromeda-Love was transferred to the Women’s Prison in Washington after claiming to identify as a female. Love’s original name was Hobbie W. Bingham.

While still carrying the name of Hobbie Bingham, Love was convicted and branded as a sex offender in Louisiana after sexually assaulting a minor at the age of 19. Fast forward to 2021, and we find the same person, but with the name of Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda-Love, in a correctional facility in Washington.

Taking advantage of a new law placed into effect by Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, Love claimed to identify as a woman. Flemmings stated that even though the Corrections Department claims to have a thorough vetting process for this new law, all that any male inmate needs to do is claim identity as a woman. This one move will initially grant them a ticket to the women’s prison.

Flemming alleges that Andromeda-Love exploited this oversight and used it to get into the Women’s Correctional Facility. While there, guards found Andromeda-Love and a mentally impaired female inmate unclothed and in a bed together. The female inmate, Heather Lee Ann Trent, reportedly discussed her and Love’s sexual activities with other inmates. Any sexual relations are automatically considered non-consensual in prison; therefore, in the eyes of prison authorities, raped Heather Trent.

It Gets Worse

The incident happened under a coworker of Flemming’s supervision. Flemming himself has his own story regarding Andromeda-Love. The ex-guard says that he had built up a rapport with Love, and eventually, the inmate bragged about the affair. After Heather Trent was released from prison, Andromeda-Love received a new roommate. Love boasted to Flemming that he and his roommate planned to purposely get her pregnant so they could sue the Corrections Department for a settlement.

To top it all off, after Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda-Love was released, Love allegedly shaved his head and went back to identifying as a man. Flemming shared the story with National Review to bring light to the fundamental flaws in Washington’s correctional facility gender identity laws.

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