First House Impeachment Hearing Date Set

( – The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability announced on September 19 that the formal impeachment inquiry that the House of Representatives will conduct against US President Joe Biden will begin on September 28. The committee’s chairman and Kentucky Republican representative James Comer said he intends to subpoena different members of the Biden family as part of this process. He revealed this includes President Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

In a statement, Comer said this would be an “informative hearing” where the Congress will invite some legal experts that could answer some questions about specific crimes. The GOP leader also said these legal experts will inform and “educate” on everything related to an impeachment inquiry, including its implications and why the US Congress would take this step against a political figure.

About the plans for the first hearing, Comer explained that the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability hasn’t released a final list of those who will be testifying. According to different reports, two individuals who could play a significant role in the inquiry against the US commander-in-chief are his brother James Biden, and his son Hunter Biden, who will formally receive subpoenas anytime soon. Many GOP leaders have claimed these members of the Biden family could have helped then-Vice President Joe Biden to sell influence and access to the White House, in what could be a clear case of abusing public office for personal gain.

According to House Speaker and California Republican Kevin McCarthy, the Congress’ Oversight Committee will be working with the Judiciary Committee and the Ways and Means Committee during the entire inquiry process. While it remains unclear the roles that each of these committees will play in this inquiry, Comer pointed out he expects the House could define and finalize those details as soon as possible. Once this has been made, Comer said he expects to issue a subpoena for President Biden’s son and brother’s personal bank records.

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