Flight Attendant Fends Off Angry Passenger – See What Happens!

A Flight Attendant Put In Dangerous Situation After A Fight Breaks Out

A Flight Attendant Put In Dangerous Situation After A Fight Breaks Out

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Authorities in Chicago and the FBI are investigating an incident that occurred on United Airlines Flight 476. The plane was on its way from San Francisco to the Windy City, and the jet was descending when a passenger became angry and got out of her seat. One flight attendant attempted to calm the person despite putting herself at risk. A witness on the flight, Peter Kondelis, caught part of the altercation on video.

A woman holding a small child can be heard yelling, “where is it?” before a flight attendant, also female, tells the distressed woman the plane is in the process of landing. A second attendant visibly runs from the other side of the plane in an effort to help her co-worker.

Another passenger, Emily Jean, posted a video of the altercation from a different angle on TikTok. In her video, the angry passenger tells the flight attendant, “I will kill you!” as she proceeds to assault the woman trying to help her. The second attendant repeatedly tells her colleague to step back while watching the attack.

CBS reported that the Chicago Police Department received calls regarding a disturbance on the aircraft. Responders waited near the gate of the arriving flight and took three people to the hospital to undergo observation.

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