Flight Saved by Off-Duty Crew Member

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a People Magazine December 4 report, an off-duty crew member who was on a flight from Canada to the Dominican Republic took over the remainder of the trip after the pilot became incapacitated because of a nosebleed. The incident took place on November 22.

In a statement, airline Air Transat noted that one of the two pilots who were part of the TS186 Air Transat flight from the Toronto Pearson Airport was unable to keep flying because of a “severe nosebleed.” The airline also said the incident was impossible to prevent and noted it was lucky that the “off-duty” pilot was in the flight, which safely landed in Punta Cana International Airport thanks to him.

Air Transat added that the off-duty pilot was on board with his friends and family as they were going to the Caribbean island “on vacation,” and noted that he was “fit and able” to fly the plane when he noticed something was wrong. The airline pointed out that each of its pilots is well-trained to deal with these types of situations, and are able to fly the airline’s aircraft “unassisted.” It also noted there was “no risk” for any passenger if the off-duty pilot hadn’t been on board.

As reported by Canada’s Transportation Safety Board, the incident was listed as a “class 6 occurrence,” which means that it wasn’t subject to any “comprehensive” probe from authorities. Instead, the data will be properly reported for archival purposes, statistical reporting, or even future safety analysis.

The agency’s report pointed out that the pilot was incapacitated about three hours into the flight. It also explained that the off-duty pilot was listed as “company qualified,” which legally permitted the other pilot in the plane to allow him to take the flight. The report noted that the plane continued to the Dominican Republic without any further incident.

The Transportation Safety Board also said that none of the 299 passengers were injured during the flight.

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