Flood Watch for 15 Million Americans?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to weather radars, 15 million Americans are expected to be under a flood watch as a coastal storm passes through the Northeast. Over 8 million Americans will be experiencing snow storms due to this front that will be passing by.

The storm is meant to pass over a large area but whether you get snow or rain, depends on where in the country you are and when. The higher elevated areas are expected to get tons of snow while other areas are expected to get lots of rain in the lower elevated areas.

Although some areas may not experience just heavy rain or snow for the entirety of the storm, they can still expect a lot of rain, wind, and snow during the time that this storm pushes through.

By Monday morning we can expect that the storms will be mostly gone on the East side after having tons of rainfall and strong wind gusts over the past weekend. Some states such as Florida, Alabama, and Georgia dealt with a risk of isolated tornadoes.

However, on the West side, these areas are dealing with record highs and increasingly warmer temperatures as we get into the new week. Temperatures are expected to reach the 60s and 70s in these regions near San Francisco and Seattle. These temperatures are racing record numbers as they come after an arctic storm or blast that we recently saw a couple of weeks ago that dropped some states’ temperatures to 30 below zero.

These beautiful warmer temperatures are not expected to stay much longer after coming into the beginning of the week because forecasters are expecting that the next storm will come to the Western regions around Wednesday and Thursday.

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